Did you know email is the worst tool for sharing sales content?


This 45 year-old channel is the least engaging way of delivering your sales content to a buyer.


From text-based to visually engaging...

Today, most of our digital experiences are far more visually engaging than they were decades ago, evolving from its text-based origins to more visual communications.

Let's think for a moment...


Interacting with software has become more visually engaging.


Computer programs are far more friendly and visually appealing today.
Software evolved from text-heavy screens to more graphical environments.


Phone messaging is now more visually engaging.

old-vs-new-cel (2).jpg

Communicating by phone messages has also become easier and more effective.
Messages evolved from text-only conversations to more visual and richer interactions.


Visiting websites has also become more engaging visually.

old-vs-new-website (1).jpg

Websites  used to be heavy on text and crowded with links.
Today, most sites offer a more captivating graphical look.


But contrary to most digital experiences, receiving the typical email with assets is still text heavy and far from being visually appealing.

old-vs-new-email (1).jpg

The way we send sales content to a buyer via email hasn't evolved very much.
The customary message with a wall of text, links and unordered attachments is still the norm.
If you think about it, it's cumbersome and not a very inspiring way of presenting sales content.

Why would you send your most important content
in the least engaging way?

It's time to evolve and stop letting email hurt your sales.


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