Sharekits integration with Box brings style to content sharing.

Box users can now share collections of content as visually engaging micro-sites.

SAN JOSE -- Sharekits recent integration with Box, a leading cloud content management platform,  allows Box users to easily package, share and track groups of content inside beautiful branded micro-sites.

 The integration offers joint customers a better alternative compared to sharing a link to a generic cloud-folder or sending an email full of attachments. Both these methods are still considered standard, but the lack of visual friendliness, asset descriptions and branding makes them counterproductive, specially at sales and marketing, when trying to get prospects or clients engaged with the content shared.

 “We’re happy to welcome Box as the first cloud content management platform that can leverage the benefits of Sharekits for packaging, sharing and tracking cloud content in a more visually engaging way.” - said Juan Madriz, Founder of Sharekits.

A Focus on Sales Enablement

B2B sales & marketing teams will find great benefit from Box + Sharekits integration, as it simplifies value communication during complex sales processes.

For example, after a sales call or demo, the buyer’s contact requests a summary in order to present the offer the other stakeholders involved. With Sharekits, the salesperson can share a personalized microsite with all the content the prospect needs to achieve internal consensus, presented in a more friendly and engaging way compared to emails full of links and attachments.

Salespeople can also follow-up more effectively, as they’ll receive valuable insights about the buyer’s interaction with the shared-content.

The Content-Sharing Experience Matters

“We’re excited to add Sharekits to our list of sales enablement tools that seamlessly integrate with our enterprise-grade content management capabilities.” said Niall Wall, SVP, Partners at Box. “The integration provides our customers with opportunities to enhance their content-sharing experiences, specially at client-facing communication, when visual presentation always plays an important role”.

 Find more information about Sharekits integration with Box at

About Sharekits

Sharekits is a sales engagement company, specialized in helping sales organizations share their content to prospects and clients in the most friendly and visually engaging way. 

Founded on 2017, Sharekits has become one of the most effective options for sharing B2B sales content with buyers, specially at complex sales, where several stakeholders are involved, and contacts at the buyer organizations need to be equipped to do internal selling and achieve consensus.

Sharekits is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica. To learn more about Sharekits visit

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